There's no place like home!

When Dave Hodges was Searching for Home, His Quest Began on the Open Seas

Thousands of miles northwest of Arkansas, in the depths of winter, Dave Hodges struggles to keep his balance on the icy deck of the F/V Wizard in the rough waters of the Bering Sea, hundreds of miles off the coast of Alaska, as the fisherman focus on their task at hand-hauling up a fresh catch of giant crab. For Dave, there isn't a moment to let his thoughts stray-to solid ground, to the warmth of an inviting hearth, to a home secure.

Home Away From Home

When Dave signed on to the crew it was for the adventure. He didn't realize at the time that this treacherous occupation was ranked as the world's most hazardous. It's no wonder that, during the few waking minutes of the day when Dave's life was not at risk in the frigid elements, his thoughts wandered to a place called "home". "Living in the harsh environment gave me a real appreciation for home," Dave says. When I found an article on Fayetteville, it looked like the way I'd always pictured my ideal place to live. I decided to explore the possibility of moving there."

Homeward Bound

After 3 years fishing aboard the Wizard, Dave headed for Arkansas to see if it really lived up to his expectations. It didn't take much more than a drive around NW Arkansas before Dave became convinced that this truly felt like home. "It wasn't just the beautiful, rural landscapes that made me want to stay," Dave explains, "but the friendly atmosphere as well."

Dave applies his hard-work ethic and combines his thorough knowledge of the local real estate market with the business and personal skills to achieve the absolute best results. "Simplicity is the key," Dave says. With his ability to negotiate sound transactions, you can rest assured that Dave is protecting your best interests at all times.

$100 donated to the Humane Society of the Ozarks for each closed transaction.